The Sigma Award

Entries open Feb. 15. | NEW DEADLINE: June 30, 2020

Sigma Awards

The Sigma Awards 2020 winners

The Sigma Awards is a new data journalism competition which aims to celebrate the best data journalism around the world, but also to empower, elevate and enlighten the global community of data journalists. Entries have closed on 5 February 2020, with a staggering number of 510 projects, coming from 66 countries and areas.

The jury, made of 24 international experts (full list at the bottom of the page), have gone through the entries and picked ten winners as well as two honorable mentions, in 6 categories. Together, they represent the best data journalism from around the world. Team members from the winning entries will be invited to the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, in April, to present their work to the international data journalism community, and to take part in various sessions.

The Journalism Award

Entries open Jan.01. | NEW DEADLINE : Feb 20, 2020

Are You One of the Power Press Award’s Top Journalists?

Through our annual journalism awards, the National Press Club seeks to recognize and honor professional journalists who produced outstanding work in 2019 for the public, either independently or as employees of editorially independent news entities. In all cases, judges will give weight to demonstration of individual enterprise, fairness, accuracy and objectivity. Content produced for house organs, pamphlets, theses or reports will not be considered, nor will advocacy outlets of interest groups such as trade associations, consumer organizations or government agencies. Entries may be submitted by either journalists or their employers. Non-traditional entrants are free to explain in supporting materials how they meet these journalistic criteria, and should submit a statement explaining their editorial independence.

Journalism Awards

The Marketing Awards

Entries open Feb.15. | NEW DEADLINE : June 30, 2020

Marketing Awards

Online Marketing Awards 2020

The winner will have done original reporting and have taken advantage of online technology, such as interactive databases, primary-source interviews, and accompanying charts and graphs, in order to provide a thorough and graphically attractive report. This is not a contest for stories that run online rather than in a print publication; this is to recognize the best journalism that uses online technology to provide a more compelling report than a print or broadcast story alone. Both online-only reports and sites that accompany print or broadcast stories are eligible; in the latter case, entrants must show how they used online content to enhance the print and broadcast reports.